The Art of “Cramming”

I have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. “Woo hoo…” you may say as you roll your eyes.  “Would you like a hero cookie?”  Actually, yes.  I would love one.  But I am gluten intolerant, so keep that in mind…  What’s my point?  Having spent a lot of time in school, I’ve become quite apt at cramming information into my head, hoping the mashed sweet potatoes of content makes a beautiful passing-grade casserole.  I love sweet potatoes.  They are really good for you…  But so is attending to your professional development.  Right now I’m studying to take a “Social Media Strategist” certification exam.  Well, kind of.  At this VERY SECOND I’m taking a “time out” to write a blog post.  But my motivation comes from the fact that, I’m studying to become a Social Media Strategist.  So, then writing a blog post is right in line with my curriculum.  Indeed!  But I digress from the topic at hand.  Moving on. 

As a “right-brainer,” I’ve embraced the reality that I learn most at the eleventh hour.  It’s true.  Most of my artistic creativity comes in a similar fashion, as well.  More often than not, creation ends up being a really messy experience. When I edit video, I tend to chuck anything that looks ‘pretty’ onto the timeline.  I then dig through aggressively, rearranging the puzzle pieces into a coherent story arch.  The same goes for studying.  I haphazardly through my brain at the wall of information and hope some of it will stick.  But I don’t hope so much, anymore.  I KNOW.  I know it will stick.  I know the swirling gray matter in my head will make sense of it.  I proved that to myself by finishing two degrees.  I’ve also realized that “Learning How to Learn” is the value I draw from school, more so than the certificate or topical specificity.  However, my contentment in that evolves into joy when I find myself passionate about what I’m learning.  Such is the case.  Right now.  I’m invigorated by the challenge of learning new things in the arena of social media, and I’m honestly excited to take a test on it.  That’s more than I can say for ANY college test I’ve taken.  Why?  I don’t really know.  Maybe it’s because I’m not being forced to.  It doesn’t feel like an obligation, and I’m truly in love with it. I’ve again found something I can sink my teeth into – and that actually tastes good. Then again… The pounding sound of house music in the background may be the reason for my invigoration, or I may just be excited because my oven temperature is now high enough to bake my sweet potatoes for dinner.  Either way, I’m in good spirits and looking forward to my exam. 

 And my sweet potatoes.