The essence of ETH is storytelling.  It is a Brand born to unify all things I find contributory to the telling of stories through the eyes and ears of my own perspective.  I am a photographer, videographer, editor, graphic artist, writer, singer and musician.  Traditionally, these outlets are how artists tell stories.  But there is now another tool capable of telling stories just as poignantly: Social Media.

On the canvas of the Internet, we paint the story of our lives.  Be it personal or business, the stories we choose to tell are largely open to interpretation – both by self and by others.  Herein lies the art: how an individual crafts, shapes, prioritizes, links, and projects their story (or NOT do any of those things) determines what that story is. The beauty lies in choice and control, or the choice NOT to control.  Whatever the choice (or non choice), the story finds its voice.  I think about it this way:

I have a great passion for the moving image – how footage is shot and arranged within a sequence and scene.  The mood and tone of the scene are dependent on the pacing, relation, or juxtaposition of each shot.  A quicker pace or sharper cuts may make a sequence seem more rigid and serious.  A slower pace and smoother transitions may convey thoughtfulness and warmth.  Content disseminated through varying channels of social media can have the same effect, depending on their timing, style or scale.  Heavy facts mean business.  Conversational tones mean personal.  But that doesn’t mean business is always about facts, or that personal is always warm and conversational.  Switch the contextual roles and you have a humanistic business culture that identifies with their customer, verses a serious and militarily minded person who may be seeking a management position at a correctional institution.  Whatever the choice, careful and purposeful action will determine what story is told.  Back to my point:

What is EYESthatHEAR? It’s a culmination of all things the eyes see, hear and feel juxtaposed, or in tandem with all things the ears hear, see and feel.  The gap between my last blog and now is rather embarrassing, but I’m less apologetic than I maybe should be.  Why? Evolution.  It takes time and space. EYESthatHEAR has undergone a bit of that. Now it includes the artistic interpretation of social media and it’s power to influence – just the same as all other forms of media and art do.

Influence: on me and “how so” on others.   That is ETH.