50 Reasons Why I love Film Method (and why you should, too!)

Recently I finished listening to all eighty of the Film Method podcasts, a process that took about two months.  This is one of the more crucial resources I’ve gleaned from in preparing for film school.  Within the first couple of episodes I was hooked for the following reasons:

  1.       Emphasis on Pre-production
  2.       Personable
  3.       Conversational
  4.       Humanistic
  5.       Microphone Boxing (“You just microphone-punched him.”)
  6.       Funny
  7.       Wise
  8.       Humble
  9.       Variety (Guests)
  10.       Thorough (Topics)
  11.       Business-minded
  12.       Entrepreneurial Artists
  13.       Energy
  14.       Hot Cheetos
  15.       Pre-production as a priority
  16.       Engaging
  17.       Networking (“Fully Customized Kitchen”)
  18.       Motivating
  19.       Hope (community of)
  20.       Belief
  21.       Breath of fresh air to recession woes
  22.       Encouragement
  23.       Relatable
  24.       Craft-Tastic!
  25.       Genuine
  26.       Pre-production
  27.       Realistic
  28.       Resourceful
  29.       Committed
  30.       Rad
  31.       Groovy
  32.       Tubular
  33.       Bodacious (mostly the babes)
  34.       Dy-No-Mite!!
  35.       Production before the production (AKA Pre-Production)
  36.       Focused yet Fluid
  37.       Thematic
  38.       Respectable
  39.       Professional
  40.       Experimental
  41.       Creative
  42.       Diverse
  43.       Did I mention pre-production?
  44.       Family-Friendly Podcast
  45.       Thoughtful
  46.       Inspiring
  47.       One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to
  48.       Just what I needed right now in my life
  49.       An invaluable resource
  50.       And you guessed it:  OBSESSION WITH PRE-PRODUCTION (rightfully so)

I quickly learned I knew NOTHING about filmmaking, motivating me to devour each episode sometimes more than once.  Sure it’d always been a dream of mine to attend film school and make real movies.  But until my acceptance to FSU Film, it didn’t seem like much of a reality.  My initial response to being accepted was, “Wow, REALLY COOL!”   Then shortly after that came, “I am SO NOT PREPARED.”  And so commenced my search for a reputable resource to help me prepare my mind and attitude.  Fortunately, the Film Method came into sharp focus early on.  Entertaining, yes.  But I was oblivious to all the moving parts associated with making a film.  This podcast helped out tremendously.  I can’t say that enough.  I credit Film Method with my present calm, confident anticipation for school to start.  Thanks Cindy Freeman.  Thanks Jenna Edwards.  Thanks to all of your guests and contributors.  You’ve given me a solid foundation to move forward from.



5 thoughts on “50 Reasons Why I love Film Method (and why you should, too!)

  1. WOW! Thank you so much for 1. listening. 2. writing me. 3. getting something out of it and 4. SHARING what you’ve learned. So important in this business. I really don’t like or respect people who are unwilling to share. I just got your wonderful email and I looked at your site once again and what should I find but this amazing post about Film Method. Cindy and I really appreciate it. Thanks for being a fan and letting us know what we are doing to make you a fan.

    • Thank you, Jenna. It was wonderful hearing back from you so quickly. I have no problem “passing the buck” and helping other people out. Looking to hearing from you.
      ~ Summer

  2. I am overwhelmed and humbled by your response to our podcast. Reading a blog post like this makes all the hours of booking guests, setting up equipment, troubleshooting and editing worth it. Thank you so very much for your kind words and for this amazing list, too! I appreciate that you took the time to listen to each and every episode and I’m excited that you are inspired by the show. I am inspired every time Jenna and I record with new guests! Thank you, Summer!!

    • I’ve had a passion for movies since I was fourteen. But it’s one of those dreams that, when shared with others, gets scoffed at. When I tell people I’m going to film school I get the question, “Why? What are you going to do with that?” My simple answer: make movies. I’m curious why that’s such an oddity to people. But nevermind that, because listening to your podcast helps me and hopefully others not feel so ‘weird’ about being passionate about the ‘talkies’ and even the ‘non-talkies.’ Thank you for reading.

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